is viral style legit

Is Viral Style Legit? My Keyword Research Compels Me To Investigate

Now that I’m in the third month of my blog, I’m starting to see a downturn in the amount of traffic that I’m receiving. It’s probably because I’m chosen to write about over-saturated topics like politics lately, but a part of it is also because I haven’t done my research. Specifically, keyword research. For those in the know of SEO, keyword research is how  companies determine what consumers are searching for online, and how they can best rank for those search queries. A lot of publications also use SEO as a way to get more readers.

Given that a blog is some weird hybrid between the two, ineffective at both selling products and gaining new readers, I decided that keyword research was definitely for me. Using my professional experience in SEO, I took a look at what keywords I’m ranking for and was mostly not surprised. Aside for phrases that made sense, like variations of video game journalism, my blog was also rankings for the phrase is viral style legit.

This drove me to ask some compelling questions. What is viral style? And why is it legit? And most important of all, why does the keyword not even have a question mark? Like miracles, keyword research works in mysterious ways, so I quickly resolved to find out what is viral style legit actually means.

is viral style legit

After a quick Google search, I found out exactly what Viral Style is. According to the official website, it is the “100% free way to sell high quality t-shirts.” Armed with that pertinent information, I decided to mosey on over to the shop page to see what I would find.

is viral style legit

I got this helpful page, which didn’t really seem to load very quickly. It also wasn’t really relevant to my website. At all. As far as I’m aware, I’ve never attempted to capitalize on the custom t-shirt craze, or anything at all really because I don’t actually make money from this blog. It turns out though that this is a pretty common problem.

Despite having never typed the phrase, is viral style legit, into my website, irrelevant phrases can still come up in your keyword research. This could be because  some person out there is searching for the term, is viral style legit, and is trying to find websites with a contact form plugin. (In which case, I just did your work for you. You’re welcome). Or it could be because they see a vulnerability and are trying to hack or spam it with automated software. Or, realistically, we are all just being paranoid about irreverent keywords that are only appearing because Google Search console is notoriously unreliable.

So, is Viral Style legit?

is viral style legit

I honestly couldn’t tell you. But they do have a great t-shirt of Teddy ‘Swolesevelt’ (my hometown hero) which I’m now inclined to buy. Still, it’s kind of disconcerting when you find your website receiving the wrong type of traffic. I may not have a landing page or be selling anything, but I am looking for a legitimate readership. What I’m not looking for is the type of person who is wondering whether a custom t-shirt company is legitimate or not.

When you know you are ranking for the wrong type of keywords, such as is viral style legit, you won’t actually be getting traffic that is relevant for the types of things you are writing about. The best you can do is write a post like this to continue to court that type of irrelevant traffic, and try to convert it into an actual readership with your entertaining writing. Or you can just ignore it. That probably would have been better.

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