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The First Things I Have To Say

Hello there. You might have heard of me, but probably not. That’s ok though, The goal here is to change that, or at least try to.

I’m starting this blog, and by extension this website, with the hopes of giving myself a platform to say the things that I haven’t really been able to say before. For a long time, I published articles across the web, mostly on gaming sites, but also on bigger sites too, but for a while now I’ve made most of my money in marketing. While that certainly pays the bills better than writing, it doesn’t really give me a way to express myself, at least not beyond the confines of social media.

So now that you know why I’m publishing this blog, I’ll now give you an idea of what I’m going to be writing about. Expect me to talk about culture, a lot of culture. Popular culture (video games, TV, entertainment), culture (travel, books and sociological stuff) and politics (the culture of the Now). I’ll also delve into some more professional topics, including marketing, creative writing, SEO, and more.

Thanks to Alex (my waifu) of The Wayfaring Voyager for setting this site up for me. I’m good at a lot of things, but web design is not one of them. I hope to update here at least once a week, with the hope of publishing all of my writing here. I’ll still pitch to bigger platforms on occasion, but now that I’m financially secure there is no real reason to aside for the prestige. Instead, the goal is to build a little niche audience of tens of readers here and create an email list to send this out to need.

That’s about all there it to it right now, as I sit in my apartment in Granada in my pajamas, but I’ll have more to say soon.

I always do.

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